Research and development are the soul of our company.

In a dynamic environment that leaves room for creativity, the innovative chemical laboratories are constantly working to create new tanning products and formulations.

Whether intended for finishing or the cask, the production process of our exclusive products starts from an idea and passes through the consolidation of its practical application, to arrive at production, storage in the warehouse and shipment.

In addition to custom-made products, we have a wide range of classic products available, such as:

catatonics, auxiliaries, lacquers in emulsion and in solvents, dyes, pigments, beams, tanned and retanned, vegetable and synthetic tanned products, oils and fats, anti-wrinkle anilines, protein binders, waxes, polyurethane dispersions, emulsions, acrylics, butadiene compounds.


Vitalchimica Italiana s.r.l  – Dyes and Chemical Auxiliaries for Tanneries” is the owner of the trademarks:

T.E.W. Tecno Euro Worder – Italian Chemical Products”

Chemical Solution – Chemical Finishing Products”